About Us

About TNS lawyers

Strategically located in Melbourne, Australia, TNS Lawyers is a growing client-first law firm focused on helping you achieve both your personal and business objectives by providing you with incisive and practical legal advice that cuts through the complexity.

We cut down on the legal jargon so you can understand exactly what is going on at any point of your matter.

Our lawyers have experiences working in the corporate sector so they can analyse the legal issues that you are facing from a legal and commercial perspective. Through understanding the drivers behind your business decisions, we will be able to provide you advice that is practical and easy to understand.

Constant communication, clarity and transparency are the foundation of trusting and long-term client relationships.

Legal expertise combined with a commercial approach–that is what TNS Lawyers brings to the table in every transaction or matter we work on.


Why TNS Lawyers


When we say responsiveness, we mean both promptness and value. We maximise what technology has to offer to connect with our clients however is most convenient for them. It takes a lot for someone to reach out for help, and our goal is to provide clients what they need as and when they need it.


The client has the last word when it comes to their case. It’s just a matter of making sure that they understand what exactly is going on and will make only informed decisions from start to finish. We do that by laying down the facts of the matter in the simplest and most straightforward way, cutting down the legal jargon to a minimum.


Every team member is responsible for our efficient and effective services. While our lawyers were trained in specific niches, they are able to combine their individual knowledge to tackle complex client problems and deliver high-quality outcomes.


Our clients and their needs are our topmost priority. We are on the same team, working towards the same goal of resolving current issues and proactively preventing future problems

Our Services

We provide specialist legal services in a range of areas

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