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Immigration is increasing in Australia and continues increasing as the government creates more opportunities for immigrants to enter and live in the country. For example, 60 percent of residents in Melbourne are first- or second-generation immigrants.

Do you want to move to the Land Down Under? While more immigration opportunities are opening up, immigrating to Australia can be difficult. You may be thinking of having an immigration lawyer during the process.

But do you need an immigration lawyer to migrate to Australia? Here’s why you should have a lawyer at your side.

Common Reasons for Australian Immigration

Why do so many people migrate to Australia? Here are common reasons for Australian immigration:

  • Job offer/job opportunities
  • Romance/marriage
  • Family purposes
  • Study/education
  • Stay in Australia longer than their visa allows (whether that be work-related or not)

These are all reasons to hire an Australian immigration lawyer. Every applicant is unique and a lawyer will assist you, improving the immigration process and increasing your chance of acceptance.

The Benefits of Using an Immigration Lawyer

While it’s technically not required to hire an immigration lawyer, doing so will benefit you greatly. Here’s why.

Immigration lawyers can ensure your application is complete and accurate.

Just one minor error can result in a delayed or even a rejected application. Applications are also commonly rejected because the applicant didn’t provide enough information, provided incorrect information, and/or didn’t include their necessary documents.

What happens if your application is refused for these reasons? You can always contact the Department to fix your application or you can submit a new one.

But understand the Department won’t contact you if your application is incorrect or is missing documents; however, a lawyer will ensure your information is correct, up-to-date, and you have all of the necessary documents.

Immigration lawyers have extensive and updated information on Australian migration.

Immigration laws are constantly changing and it’s essential you comply with the latest regulations. In addition, visa forms constantly change to reflect these new policies. If you follow an outdated protocol or fill out an old form, you risk a rejected application.

You can trust the best immigration lawyer to inform you of the newest changes and will provide the correct application to fill out.

Immigration lawyers also have the best knowledge of general immigration laws. They studied the Migration Regulations, Migration Act, and additional immigration legislation extensively. Your lawyer can explain the immigration process as well as options to make the immigration process run smoothly.

Immigration lawyers are held by professional standards.

Immigration lawyers aren’t only passionate about their work and their clients. They uphold professional standards and are held accountable to these standards. This ensures your lawyer will always act within your best interests, will only charge a reasonable fee, and will abide by the law.

When you trust an Australian immigration lawyer, you’ll not only have a better chance of acceptance but you’ll receive quality assistance during the entire process.

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Immigration lawyers can interpret legislation.

Legal legislation is difficult to interpret. Lawyers have specialised training to interpret legislation and apply the law to your visa application.

This knowledge is beneficial when writing submissions. Lawyers have technical knowledge of legislation, meeting all application requirements and can frame your case effectively.

Immigration lawyers can provide options.

As stated previously, every case is different and all applicants have different reasons to migrate to Australia. Your lawyer can look at your case and provide different options for smoother immigration.

For example, let’s say you’re a skilled worker and want to move to Australia for more work opportunities. If you can’t receive sponsorship from an employer, your lawyer can help you interpret your options and any visas you may qualify for.

This applicant may be different from someone who plans on marrying an Australian citizen. A lawyer will inform you of entry laws, the visas you’ll need for marriage, and other options to ensure you can get married and live in Australia.

When You Need an Immigration Lawyer in Australia

Some situations require the assistance of an immigration lawyer. These include:

  • Crimes committed in your home country
  • Previously rejected applications
  • If you’re inadmissible for any other reason
  • If you are or have been in immigration deportation proceedings
  • If you’re encountering application delays

situations wherein you need an immigration lawyer

What if you don’t fit one of these categories? You should still hire a lawyer. Migration applications and paperwork can be confusing and even stressful. A lawyer can take the headache away, ensuring everything is accurate the first time you submit your application.

What An Immigration Lawyer Can’t Do

While having an immigration lawyer is helpful, there are restrictions when hiring one. Here’s what your lawyer can’t do:

  • Help you get a visa if you’re not eligible for one
  • Guarantee your application will be accepted
  • Commit migration fraud
  • Assist or guarantee a faster visa acceptance process
  • Submit fraudulent documentation

As stated previously, lawyers act within an ethical code. While they will work within your interests, they are still held accountable to professional standards.

How to Know Your Immigration Lawyer Is Trustworthy

There are many immigration lawyers in Australia. How do you know if a lawyer is trustworthy or not?

First, always choose an immigration lawyer who’s registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Your lawyer should also have experience in these areas:

  • Professional application preparation (preparing new applications, identifying errors, etc.)
  • Documentation preparation

Your lawyer should also act as your support system during this process. You should be able to ask questions, request advice, and other information that’s vital to the migration process. After you submit your application, your lawyer should provide regular case updates.

Above all, your lawyer should swear to confidentiality.

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Moving to Australia? Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Do you need an immigration lawyer to help you file for your visa? Only specific situations require a lawyer and most applicants don’t require a lawyer; however, a lawyer is still recommended.

Australia migration laws are complex and are always changing. Hiring a lawyer ensures your application is accurate, increasing your chances of acceptance.

Are you looking for an immigration lawyer? Contact us today.

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