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    Are you a lessor wanting a tenant or lessee wanting to start a business in Melbourne?

    If so, preparing and understanding commercial leases should be your priority.

    A commercial lease is a legally binding agreement between a landlord and a tenant. It is a document representing the rights and financial obligations of both parties.

    However, leases involve legal procedures that can be difficult to digest. Also, a commercial lease is usually a long-term business relationship.

    So, imagine yourself shackled to unreasonable lease terms and demands for 3 to 5 years.

    Without understanding the content of your contractual agreement, many problems can arise. One party can break the lease and hurt your business finances.

    Lease mistakes can threaten your interests or expose you to legal liability. They might even lead to costly litigation.

    No one wants to be in this situation. The good news is that TNS Lawyers are here to help.

    Our Commercial Lease Services

    Our team of commercial lease lawyers in Melbourne has extensive knowledge and experience.

    If you are a tenant, let us review the lease before you sign it. That way, we can ensure that the terms and conditions are favourable and in accordance with your understanding of what you’re signing up to.

    If you are a landlord, we can assist you in drafting the leasing terms that work best for your property and your rights as a landlord.

    We at TNS Lawyers believe that getting a commercial lease right the first time is a must. It is your key to a successful business relationship for many years.

    With legal advice upfront, you can protect your rights or property and avoid issues in the future.

    Navigating Commercial Leases in Melbourne

    Our primary goal is to draft good leases for clients. This means to have sufficient enough of special conditions in the lease agreement to support either the landlord or tenant. We ensure the agreement supports the landlord’s rights and the tenants’ success.

    At TNS Lawyers, we simplify this process with a two-step transaction:

    1. Drafting and Negotiation

    During this initial stage, we create the Offer to Lease or heads of agreement. This document stipulates, at a high level, what the commercial arrangements between the landlord and the commercial tenant are.

    Usual requirements include rental amount, extra rent costs, security deposit, initial terms and renewal options. However, clients may also need to provide other business-specific details. For example, early access, rent free periods or any other special conditions.

    The parties will then review it and renegotiate before committing to a lease.

    2. Review and Finalising

    The final step is to prepare the formal lease document based on the initial offer. Our commercial leasing lawyers would tell both parties to review the final lease thoroughly. Generally, the landlord will prepare the commercial lease agreement or disclosure statement (if required).

    We understand that signing a contract and opening up shop is exciting. However, not giving a lease a proper review can put your business venture at risk.

    So, pay attention to details and address issues, big or small, before signing the lease. Our experienced lawyer can help you understand complex legal matters and avoid missteps.

    Retail Lease Expertise

    Our team of retail lease lawyers in Melbourne are highly versatile. We typically handle properties like warehouses, industrial sites, and office spaces. However, we also assist clients with retail shops and shopping centres.

    We have lawyers with extensive work experience in Australian companies. They are experts in handling retail matters involving SMEs, large corporations, and franchises.

    Resolving Commercial Lease Disputes

    As with any commercial business relationship, disputes can happen.

    If not resolved, conflicts can prolong business disruption, resulting in unnecessary expenses.

    Our commercial lease dispute lawyers in Melbourne have solid experience addressing such issues. To give you an idea of how we can help, here are some common property disputes we encounter:

    • Rent Arrears

      It happens when a tenant falls behind on the rent payment. It can be a problem if the tenant fails to talk to the landlord about it or seek settlement.

    • Lease Breaches

      It occurs when either party violates the terms of the commercial agreement such as transferring the lease to another third party without the landlord’s consent.

    • Dispute on Rental Increase

      It happens when the landlord and tenant cannot agree on a raise in rent at lease renewals.

    • Dispute on Damage to Property

      It occurs when one party blames the other for the disrepair. Issues can also arise when the lease ends and the tenant fails to restore the property to its original state (i.e. make good obligations).

    It is always ideal to resolve disputes through private negotiations. But if both sides cannot settle them, an experienced lawyer can help you understand your rights and obligations.

    TNS Lawyers can give you legal advice on what action to take. Our team can provide representation in court or mediations.

    In any dispute, our goal is to bring perspective to the process. We work hard to get you a resolution in the quickest way possible whilst being cost effective.

    Proactive Lease Management

    Building retail premises or commercial space is a long-term investment with appealing returns. However, as you rent out the commercial property to different tenants, you also become exposed to risks.

    You may need frequent advice when amending your commercial lease requirements. Ongoing legal support for disputes or litigations will also benefit your business.

    Our team welcomes commercial clients who want a stable and trustworthy partnership. Knowing where to find a reliable lawyer when you need one will give you peace of mind.

    With TNS Lawyers, we can help you follow the law and address legal matters early.

    Why Choose TNS Lawyers

    We are rated 4.8 stars on Trustpilot and 5 stars on Google Business Profile.

    Years of Experience

    Our legal team has extensive experience drafting and reviewing commercial and retail leases for our clients. We have worked in many industries, allowing us to provide the legal aid your business needs.


    TNS Lawyers is a growing client-first law firm with your business and interests in mind. Our dedicated team works closely with you to avoid missteps. We also provide legal support during negotiations or court representation to settle disputes.

    Good Communication

    TNS Lawyers cut down on the legal jargon. We want you to understand everything that goes on with your matter. Our team gives direct and sound advice so you feel confident about your legal decisions.

    Competitive Fees

    We offer transparent legal services so you can see the amount of work needed to achieve your goal. TNS Lawyers balances these with affordable prices. With our help, you get the best, worry-free lease advice.


    We at TNS Lawyers can help you prepare and review lease agreements to save time and money. With our undivided attention, our team ensures that you get the outcomes you need in time.


    Ever wonder what it’s like being able to “phone a friend” and that friend happens to be your lawyer? We make sure you have a good experience with us every step of the way.

    Case Study

    Some of our recent successful commercial lease cases include:

    • helping our client repossess a premises when the tenant failed to pay months and months of rent
    • helping our client settle a court dispute related to the make-good requirements by presenting overwhelming evidence that the property was in the same condition as at the start of the lease

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