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Most businesses face an employment issue at some point. Therefore, it’s important to find employment lawyers who can help you stay compliant with workplace laws and meet your legal obligations efficiently and effectively.

TNS Lawyers’ employment law services include helping commercial clients with employment, industrial and occupational, and health and safety issues.

As employment law specialists, our main priority is always to reduce the risk for our clients when it comes to workplace relations. For this reason, our law firm can assist you throughout the employment relationship from hiring through the management process to when a person leaves your organisation.

We are also aware that employment law issues involve people problems (e.g. workplace bullying, sexual harassment, etc.) regardless of your company size and industry. For that reason, narrow legal advice isn’t necessarily the most appropriate solution. So, we work with clients to come up with solutions to these issues that fit with their broader business objectives. After all, most successful businesses are based on developing strong and productive relationships between employers and employees.

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    Our employment law specialists can:

    • Advise on employment contracts

      Are you negotiating a new employment contract or have concerns about your current one? Our employment lawyers can review your contracts and make sure they provide the correct entitlements and terms and conditions pursuant to the National Employment Standards (NES), Modern Awards, and National Minimum Wage orders under the Fair Work Act 2009.

    • Negotiating executive and non-executive employment contracts

      When negotiating executive or non-executive employment contracts, you need a legal practitioner whom you can trust to cover all the material terms related to the position before starting the employment relationship. These terms include employment duration, compensation (including commissions and bonuses), benefits, and dispute resolution, restraints to name a few.

    • Advise on workplace policies

      Workplace policies generally cover issues such as harassment, dress codes, occupational health and safety, internet and email usage, etc. Our employment law team can draft policies that align with your company values and clearly define acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviour to protect both employees and employers.

    • Advise on discrimination claims

      When it comes to claims about unfair employment practises (e.g. racial discrimination, unfair dismissal, job refusal, etc.), our employment lawyers can help you understand your rights, define the grounds for discrimination, and guide you through the process of seeking compensation if necessary.

    • Advise on workplace change

      Businesses need to embrace changes and opportunities to stay ahead of the game. When keeping up with the economic and technological trends, it's important to stay ahead of changes to improve your business operations. We can help you manage these changes to ensure that productivity and profitability doesn't go down.

    • Conduct workplace investigations, including misconduct and disciplinary issues

      Engage our employment law specialists to guide you through sensitive internal investigations while ensuring minimal reputational and legal risks. With a vigorous and thorough investigation, it will be easier to decide if any disciplinary action is warranted or if the business is exposed to other claims.

    • Manage unfair dismissal or wrongful termination claims

      If you have been terminated by your employer without good reason, you may be worried about your finances and future career–was it harsh, unjust, or unfair? Our employment lawyers can help you resolve wrongful termination claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    • Manage contractor and casual employees

      We can assist you in drafting contractor agreements and casual employee agreements. Further, we can assist you in determining if a person would be classified a contract or employee which can often be quite a difficult exercise.

    If you need legal advice on an employment law issue, please call us on +61 3 9052 3214 or email us at info@tnslawyers.com.au

    Frequently asked questions about employment law

    There are a number of laws and regulations that govern employer and employee relationships in Australia. The two main employment laws that you should comply with are the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Fair Work Regulations 2009. Our employment law specialists are also well-versed in the other relevant legislations such as the Corporations Act 2001 and Competition and Consumer Act 2010 so we can help you stay compliant in all aspects of your business.

    No, but remember that the NES minimum employment entitlements apply to all employees, whether or not they signed a contract. The employer is responsible for making sure that the terms and conditions of employment complies with the minimum entitlements.
    If you want to effectively manage your workplace relationships, we recommend putting in writing the terms of your employment arrangement.

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