Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Insolvency law is a complex area, requiring lawyers that not only have commercial acumen but are strategic in their thinking. They need to be experienced in the contentious and non-contentious aspects of insolvency, turnarounds, restructuring and ongoing risk management. They also need to be willing to take the time to:

  • understand the big picture
  • identify the key issues
  • develop a realistic strategy that enables you to move forward

If you sense that you are about to face major financial difficulty in your business, you need to act quickly and obtain the best possible advice. Our insolvency and bankruptcy lawyers draw on their combined experience in corporate and commercial matters, M&A, tax, and insolvency law to create the best outcome for your legal, financial, and commercial circumstances.

We act for both companies and insolvency practitioners, as well as secured and unsecured creditors. This means that we understand all sides of the insolvency story and can come up with solutions that are both commercial and pragmatic.

We can assist with:

  • Business recovery
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Corporate insolvency

    •   o Voluntary administration
    •   o Liquidation
    •   o Receivership
    •   o Assistance for directors
    •   o Assistance for creditors
    •   o Assistance for employees

  • Personal insolvency

    •   o Debt agreements
    •   o Personal insolvency agreements
    •   o Bankruptcy

If you need legal advice on business restructuring, insolvency or bankruptcy, please call us on +61 3 9052 3214 or email us at



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