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    Are you a founder of a new business idea or product? Launching a startup in Melbourne is an exciting adventure.

    However, if your startup lacks legal guidance, problems may arise before it takes off.

    You may be unaware of trade mark registration, which can put your intellectual property at risk. Someone may have talked you into signing questionable contracts, resulting in costly litigation.

    Missteps like these can hurt your startup and prevent it from soaring. Sorting legal arrangements early on stabilises your business and secures its future.

    That’s where we at TNS Lawyers come in.

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    Your Startup Journey: A Legal Roadmap

    Our goal is to provide sound legal advice and help our clients succeed. Our startup lawyers in Melbourne understand the unique challenges that founders face. We’ll help set up your business structure, protect your IP, or draft funding agreements. With TNS Lawyers working with you, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the legal matter. Helping tech startups

    Setting Up Your Business Structure

    Startups may involve two separate people or groups to form one new business. Often, they choose to save costs through informal partnerships. This setup, however, may later cause problems. Disputes over job roles, decisions, and other unforeseen legal issues may happen. Without set rules, disagreements are hard to resolve. Lack of clear-cut agreements when dissolving partnerships or managing assets can put your profit and growth at risk. Our startup lawyers can help. We can work with your accountant to set up your business as a sole trader, partnership, or company. Any of these structures generally ensures all parties are in the same direction. Having a good shareholder agreement can help you minimise disputes or settle them right away. You’ll have fewer issues when making crucial business decisions as well. With TNS Lawyers, we can draft and review your business structure agreements that work for everyone involved.

    Protecting Your Intellectual Property (IP)

    Intellectual property (IP) assets, like patents, trademarks, and copyrights, contribute to business value. These give you a competitive edge and ensure long-term success. But without protection, competitors can steal your unique idea, diminishing your total value. Your confidential business information also becomes vulnerable to exposure and theft. Worse, you are at a higher risk of legal disputes that can damage your resources and reputation. Securing your IP assets is critical to innovative businesses. However, creating a good IP protection strategy can be complex. Our startup lawyers in Melbourne can simplify the process for you. With our help, you can protect your IP assets with comprehensive strategies. We prepare trade mark applications, privacy policies, non-disclosure agreements, IP license agreements and other relevant protective measures. Seeking professional IP legal advice protects your startup from errors and time-consuming disputes.

    Funding Your Startup

    Capital raising can be a problem for startups. While plenty of funding options exist, each has its legal and regulatory requirements. For instance, equity-based crowdfunding may provide significant capital to your business. But it may also need legal agreements when contributors get a stake in the company in exchange. Likewise, angel investors also provide seed money in exchange for an equity stake in your company. Without formal arrangements, you become vulnerable to financial problems. Also, the last thing you want is to be in a costly dispute with your investor. Our startup lawyers can guide you to secure your financing needs. We can assist in drafting terms and conditions and negotiate the necessary financial documents and funding agreements. Having us as your partner can simplify complex fundraising processes and mitigate risks. Negotiating service agreements

    Why Choose TNS Lawyers

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    TNS Lawyers have a deep understanding of the Melbourne ecosystem. We complement this with our extensive experience in the startup sector to give you the precise legal service you need.

    Practical and Cost-Effective

    We understand that a limited budget can hinder startups from seeking legal help. TNS Lawyers provide support by offering tailored legal solutions at affordable prices. Our team ensures your business starts on the right foot while avoiding costly mistakes.

    Strong Network

    On top of sound legal services, our experienced startup lawyers in Melbourne have a network of industry connections. We can link you to the proper advisors, mentors, or potential investors to boost your startup growth.

    Case Study

    TNS Lawyers have assisted several founders to secure investment opportunities and grow their business. One of our success stories is helping a startup tech company raise capital through other investors.

    We also helped other investors come on board through offering shares. This ensured they had sufficient capital to continue doing what they do best!

    Their shareholders had to sign a well-drafted shareholder agreement that protected the founders of the company.

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