Automotive Law

At TNS Lawyers, we’ve developed special expertise in automotive law.

The automotive industry in Australia is currently undergoing a period of transformation and faces a number of challenges, including:

For this reason, you need lawyers who understand the unique characteristics of the automotive sector so you can better position your business strategies or personal investments.

AT TNS Lawyers, we have extensive experience working with car dealerships, motor traders, and private clients. More specifically, we know how important it is to be focused on the details. This means we can tailor solutions to suit your particular circumstances.

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    We have experience with:

    Dealership acquisitions and sales

    Our team has worked on and closed multiple motor vehicle dealership sales and purchases. We are able to provide the necessary legal expertise throughout the transaction from the preparation of buy/sell agreement to licensing requirements.

    Dealer agreements and disclosure documents

    Our lawyers can assist you in the preparation of and review of dealer agreements and disclosure documents pursuant to the Franchising Code of Conduct.

    Manufacturer issues

    If you have any issues with your manufacturer, we can assist! Whether it be PPSR issues, franchise termination issues, breach of contract issues, we're here to assist.

    Dealership business structures

    There are multiple aspects to account for when opening a car dealership, one of which is your business structure. These are important from a taxation perspective, group dealership and control perspective, and asset protection perspective. We work with specialised accountants in the automotive industry to help you determine which business structure is most appropriate for the specific needs.

    Employment issues

    Whether you own the dealership or are employed in one, there are many employment issues that could arise in every workplace. Being well-versed in both automotive law, our lawyers can guide you through effective employment management to common employment disputes.

    Commercial contracts

    We can prepare sound commercial documents including purchase and sale agreements, distribution and supply agreements, general security agreements , bailment agreements, licence agreements, terms of trade, deeds of guarantee and indemnity, to name a few.

    Consumer claims

    If you're a dealer defending a claim, our lawyers can assist. These includes negotiating an outcome out of court or defending a matter in court.

    Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) issues

    Our team is able to provide a range of legal services in relation to security issues, e.g. disputing a PPSR registration, advising on priority of security disputes and commencing legal action. We can also assist with the registration and management of security interests on the PPSR.

    If you need legal advice on an automotive legal issue, please call us on +61 3 9052 3214 or email us at info@tnslawyers.com.au

    Frequently asked questions about automotive law

    Like with every business, a car dealership can be a lucrative venture with huge scaling opportunities if you put in the hard work. What we can do is to best advise you in relation to your acquisition of a dealership. We've worked with specialised business consultants, accountants, and brokers that can assist you in your investment.

    In Victoria, if you're selling vehicles on a commercial basis, it's likely you will need an LMCT license. In opening up a dealership, you generally will also need a car-yard (which means leasing a premises) and floor plan finance unless you've got funding. 


    In addition to the above, if you're selling new vehicles, you will need approval from the manufacturer and a 'franchise' or 'agency' agreement. Opening a car dealership can be an expensive process and you will need assistance in doing so. One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is going to see a 'generalist' accountant or 'generalist' business consultant or 'generalist' lawyers. Automotive law is a niche and specialised market so you need specialised professionals to help you.

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    Ever wonder what it’s like being able to “phone a friend” and that friend happens to be your lawyer? We make sure you have a good experience with us every step of the way.

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