Automotive Law

At TNS Lawyers, we’ve developed special expertise in automotive law.

The automotive industry in Australia is currently undergoing a period of transformation and faces a number of challenges, including the:

  • Cessation of the manufacturing of vehicles locally
  • Changing consumer behaviour as a result of the rise of internet sales
  • Technological transformation of the industry
  • Maintaining the profitability of car dealership

For this reason, you need lawyers who not only understand the automotive sector but have knowledge of its unique characteristics.

AT TNS Lawyers, we have extensive experience working with car dealerships. More specifically, we know how important it is to be focused on the details. This means we can tailor solutions to suit your particular circumstances.

We have experience with:

  • Dealership acquisitions and sales
  • Dealer agreements and disclosure documents
  • Manufacturer issues
  • Dealership business structures
  • Employment issues
  • Commercial contracts
  • Consumer claims
  • Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) issues

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